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TimeTime toto celebrate,celebrate, You'veYou've foundfound thethe lastlast copywritercopywriter you'llyou'll everever need.need.

Uhhh ohhh… You made it past the first contact button.

Guess you expect the copywriter to write…Copy.

Time for me to explain why I should be trusted with your marketing copy.

And answer all those questions that keep coming up in your mind like…

Who is this guy? 

Why is he the last copywriter I’ll ever need? 

How can he help my business? 

If time is money, is an ATM a time machine? (Sorry, these are your questions, not mine. Moving on.)

Well, I’ve got some answering, and convincing to do.

Are you ready?

Let’s go.

GUARANTEED results Means no risk for you

Basically, every copywriter is going to promise you the moon, but what happens when their copy doesn’t work as well as they promised? 

They are still going to charge you for their bad copy. Then you’re left looking for someone else or gambling on them again. 

But with me, on our first project together, if it doesn’t beat what you’re already using, you don’t have to pay. 

I put my money where my mouth is. 

And give you proven results.

I’m not saying every piece of copy I ever write will be the best-selling copy you’ve ever had, marketing just doesn’t work that way. 

Some sales copy will be incredibly effective and some won’t.

But if on my first try, I can improve your open rates, opt-in rates, or sales, then it’s a safe bet I can keep helping and improving your marketing and ads even more over time as I learn more about your company and your market. 

Test me out and see if this dog can hunt. 

Still not convinced? Keep perusing. 

Im a copywriter.

No sarcasm there. It’s the main reason for hiring a copywriter. 

In business, hiring specialists to do high-skill work is almost always best. You could spend weeks of trial and error on a network issue, or hire an IT professional to fix the problem in an hour. You could have the office manager attempt to fix the leaking sink in the bathroom, or you could hire a plumber.

So when it comes to the marketing and advertising for the business that allows you to pay the IT guy and the plumber, it’s best to have a specialist write the words that bring in that money. 

I’m that specialist. 

Today’s marketing is constantly evolving, and anyone who says they can handle all parts of your marketing is not an expert in any of their services, more of a jack of all trades. 

This ends up giving you sub-optimal results. 

Having someone who writes copy, and only focuses on the copy is going to give you better results than the person that builds websites, does graphic design, writes copy, does social media marketing, etc. 

I focus my expertise on the persuasive and converting skills of the copy itself, nothing else. 

You're too close to your product or service

Having a business is like having a child, and as a dad, I know that it’s much harder to see my child objectively. 

I know my child is the best kid in the world, just like you know you have the best product or service in the world, but it’s nearly impossible for you to see it without bias, without preconceived notions, and with an open mind. 

That’s where I come in, I view your business with the mind of a consumer but with the knowledge of all the things that makes your product extraordinary. 

I’m able to see things you may overlook and find out how your customers think.

Then I take what I learn and help your copy target the right readers, speak their language, and make them keep coming back for more. 

Think of your company as the teenager you don’t understand, I’m the fun uncle.

I follow wild trends and vague cliches Proven Methods.

The main purpose of any marketing or advertising is to make more sales. Period. 

But the market is flooded with Ad agencies and freelancers trying to be too abstract and artsy with their words, and it sounds cool, but it’s a waste of money. 

Consumers don’t buy for cool or artsy.

This is why marketers and ad people get such a bad name because they charge a lot and you get no return on your investment. 

Not with me.

I follow the methods that have been proven to work since advertising has been studied. 

I treat my client’s businesses like my own, and partner with them to ensure results that can be proven clearly by email open rates, click-through rates, sale increases, etc. 

You’d be willing to give a dollar to a machine if you’re confident 10 dollars is coming out? 

That’s what great copy does for your business.

Time is money, I save you one and make you the other.

Time is so important. Not to get all philosophical on you, but time is the one thing you can’t buy back. 

So as a busy person (I’m sure you are), you don’t have the time to do the big picture business work, plus try to figure out how to hit your customers with the right words harder than Muhammed Ali hit Sonny Liston.

Plus the time and energy it takes to learn potential customers’ hesitations and objections to sales are demanding. 

Persuading potential customers to like and trust your business can feel like a fight in the ring. 

Hiring me to write your copy free’s up you and your employees for other tasks that benefit your company.

Now that your convinced...

You’re probably wondering what I can do for you, right?

For starters, I write emails that don’t put people to sleep like everything else in their inboxes. 

And while they’re enjoying the email, they are also casually (secretly) being led to do something YOU want them to do, typically clicking on a sales page. 

This leads me to the next thing I can hook you up with, crazy effective sales pages. 

This is where the money is made, prospects feel you are speaking to their soul, tears of joy are shed, wallets are opened, and your company grows. 

Sales pages are like a cut-down uber-focused version of your website…

I almost forgot to tell you, you’re in luck, I write copy for those too. 

Annnddd… I can write beautiful product descriptions for your website.

Rumor has it, no one has ever read a product description I wrote and not bought the said product. (Kidding, but seriously, they are golden pony boy)

Chase Copeland
Chase Copeland
Chase Copeland

IgnoreIgnore mymy uglyugly mugmug above.above.

If you are just interested in what I can do for you (which is perfectly cool) then head over to my services page, if you’d like to know some nonsense about the man behind the words, you can click below. Again, it’s nonsense. Beware. 

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Ready to see real results with your marketing?

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