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Get Out of The Herd, You’ll Make More Sales

How different is your company from your competition? Does your marketing sound similar to theirs? Does your website look about the same? Is your product or service for the most part, identical to theirs? Congratulations, your companies a sheep. 

Kidding, but you are a part of the herd. 

Herd Mentality 

You’ve heard the term before, but have you ever thought your business could be associated with it? 

Herd or mob mentality is typically associated with the consumer side of things. People tend to do what others do, including making the same purchases.

But there is a negative aspect of herd mentality that happens in business. 

It’s when businesses in the same field all look and sound exactly the same. Usually, the reason is, “that’s how things have always been done”. 

It may sound like a decent answer to why your business doesn’t get out of the box and do something differently, but think about it…

What if Starbucks kept doing coffee the way everyone else did? Our modern idea of coffee wouldn’t exist. What if Apple just stayed in the desktop computer market? Technology wouldn’t be the same. 

Get Outside Of The Box

This idea of getting out of the herd doesn’t just apply to the monsters of the business world like Starbucks and Apple. 

It’s for all sizes of companies, in every industry. 

If you offer customers the same experience your competition does, you are missing out on sales. 

Just because things have always been done a certain way doesn’t make that the best way, and the first company to find the better way wins. 

It doesn’t have to always be the product, it can be the customer’s experience with your company. You can sell the exact same thing as the next guy but “come off” completely differently. 

Different, unique, original, genuine, and outside of the box. There is business growth in those words. 

When Everyone in Your Industry Looks the Same, You’re all Commodities

It’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s true. Like I said about Starbucks in a recent essay, before they changed, coffee cost practically nothing, or was free. Now people wait in line for an hour to pay 8 dollars for a cup of joe. 

You don’t have to change your target market. Just stand out, be a shepherd guiding your market to you, and don’t be a member of the herd like your competition. 

Sheep don’t lead sheep.

People want a product or service that’s pleasantly different from the rest. It makes the purchase decision easier for them. 

The company that gives them a different option usually gets the sale, even if the product is the same. Often at a higher price. 

Now go, dear shepherd.

Exit the herd….

Let me know your thoughts on the subject, good or baaaaaaad. (Honestly, my apologies for that, so unprofessional)

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