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If You Pay For Marketing, Read This

Quick question, do you know, like really know, if your marketing dollars are actually benefiting your company? 

Do you know if your advertising and way of gaining customers is the best way of doing things? 

Whether you do your own marketing or hire someone, chances are, you’re not getting optimal results. Marketing and advertising are a bit of an art form but also a science. 

Suppose you are running ads, publishing marketing material, emailing a list, or anything that involves writing copy to make more sales. In that case, you should be running tests and checking your data to ensure you get every bit of sales out of every line of copy. 

You may be marketing to an audience that’s only 20 percent of sales when running tests you can find how to get more attention from your real target market of 80 percent, which can sky-rocket your sales. 

There are countless stories where a business running an A/B or split test changed just a few words and increased sales dramatically. 

You won’t know unless you’re doing these things.

Chances are, your marketing is a bit like “flying by the seat of your pants” when it can really become a money machine, put in a dollar get two back. 

Why Many Marketers Don’t Do This

If this is the best way to improve my marketing, why doesn’t every marketer do this? It’s pretty simple, it’s because they don’t stand by their results. Marketing and advertising are results-driven, but for whatever reason, some marketers write you copy or create an ad and expect to always be paid without any care of improving that advertisement.

Too many small businesses fall victim to marketers and copywriters who can’t sell anything to save their life. 

I am not saying everyone is like this, the truly best marketers and copywriters are great at testing and looking at the data and knowing what direction to go in. 

Business owners pay someone, trusting them with their money, and the amateurs that haven’t really studied the craft will typically give you the over-the-top “salsey” messaging that consumers are turned off by, or they will give you vague flowery marketing that doesn’t go at your true market. 

Simply put, the copywriters not testing and showing results either aren’t good enough to justify what your paying them, or they don’t know that testing and checking results are essential, which is even worse.

What To Do

Your business is your lifeblood, and if you have employees, it’s even more stressful to ensure you are profitable and not wasting money. 

If you spend money on marketing and advertising, which are crucial to surviving in the digital age, you need someone who at the very least, can prove by some of the marketing material they made for you has made you money. 

No one can give only good sales copy and ads, some will always fail. But the success rate can be determined by the past, and if no one is tracking your past success, you’re shooting in the dark.

Make sure your marketing budget isn’t going to waste by not tracking. 

This is all just advice from a copywriting and marketing nerd, just something for businesses to think about. 

Let me know what you think about the topic.

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