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If you’re looking for the lifeless dull copy that puts readers to sleep, we may not be the best fit.

I’m not the guy for that, and if you have me write your copy, It’s going to go against the grain a little. It’s going to actually have life, it’ll make them see your brand as genuine, not salesy. You can market professionally and not be as dry as the Sahara. 

I can write in your brand’s voice while maintaining a fun and engaging piece of copy.

I think if you expect someone to open your emails, read about your products, or look at your content, it should be entertaining and helpful. 

So make like Dory and just keep swimming down the page and like Annie, I bet my bottom dollar you’ll find something your business needs…

Email Marketing

This is my bread and butter. I love everything about writing emails and creating email sequences that WORK.

Email is one of the most important aspects of a marketing plan, and if done correctly then you can have a great increase in sales, and even build a cult following of super-fans of your brand. 

I’ll give you a little freebie here, great emails almost always tell a good story. 

Lucky for you, I go all out Hemingway on stories before raining crazy good offers on them, before they know what hit them they are on your website or sales page about to make it rain like Fat Joe.

Sales Pages

When customers read emails that convince them to click a link to read further, this is where you lead them. This or your website (more on that below). 

There are proven formulas for sales pages that I follow because they work, but they work best when you really know how to get in the consumer’s head, making them feel like you are giving them the best solution to their problem. 

This is where having a deep understanding of consumer psychology and of copywriting will be the difference between failure and success. 

Following the proven structures and techniques takes the guesswork out of having a winning sales page.

Having me write your sales page will take you from Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer, to Jerry Maguire letting them show you the money.

Website copy

Let’s be real with each other here. How many times have you visited a small to medium business website and felt it didn’t, well quite frankly, suck?

Chances are, they suck more than impress or sell.

Even the “professionally” done sites many times just get the copy all wrong.

They focus way more on the look and design and then throw the words in as an afterthought when the copy is really more important (Pictures help grab attention, words are what sell).

Don’t get me wrong, an aesthetic website is important, but a large purpose of a website is to make site visitors know, like, and trust before they buy.

But many companies forget this about their website, they talk way too much about themselves and not how they can help the customer. 

If your website isn’t converting well, I’m sure your copy is partly to blame. 

I can fix that. 

Blog & Content Writing

Blogs may not give you an immediate return on your investment, but the power of a great blog and great content is incredible. 

They give you the opportunity to position your business as the leading expert in your field, they help get people to your site that wouldn’t have come without seeing the blog post that caught their eye, truly the strength a good blog can give you over your competition is strong. 

They also give you tons of SEO (search engine optimization) help, which will help you rank higher on google, which brings even MORE people to your site. 

When it comes to sales and marketing tactics, the power is strong in this one.

So let’s unite our Jedi forces together and grow your audience.


Product Descriptions

Guess what my friend? 

Good product descriptions sell.

Especially if a potential buyer is on the fence about the product, a beautifully worded description can make a product irresistible.

But how many product descriptions have you read that just stated the materials used, where it’s made, etc?

Most of them.

Product descriptions should be fun and help with the selling. 

I write product descriptions that read like poetry and sell like hotcakes.

O captain my Captain do they sell!

So go ahead and Carpe Diem, let’s put into words how awesome your products truly are! 

Let's Make Marketing Magic Together


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