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I may change my mind one day, but for a copywriter, I think a portfolio is kind of an enigma sometimes.

I mean, yes, you need to know I can back up the talk with the walk, but copywriting is talking in a convincing way. 

All a copywriter is in their most simple form is a salesman in writing. 

And good salesman sell themselves.

Not to mention that the first time we work together, if I can’t beat what you already have, you don’t pay.

Like truly, I don’t want your money if I can’t actually get you the results.

Don’t you wish all products and services worked that way? I do. 

So please, go peruse my website from the home page, services, about, and blogs, and if you don’t end up on the contact page, sold on me from that alone, we probably weren’t the best fit anyway. 

And if we aren’t the best fit then Hakuna Matata. If we are, then scurry on down to that contact form old sport.


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