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The days of the phone book are over.

In this digital age, it takes a lot more than just being in the phone book or on the yellow pages to get found by potential customers. Search engines like google are very complex and to actually be visible your website to be set-up properly and optimized for certain key-words and phrases. It would be nearly impossible for you to keep up with the ever-changing SEO strategies as well as run your business. That’s where I come in, I build all my websites with on page SEO already added and then offer ongoing SEO to further improve site rankings. I also provide local SEO services to help your business to be found in Google’s “map-pack” which appears at the top of searches. Last but not least I also provide keyword rich content writing for your blog or website to help drive traffic. 

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is how a business can attract online searchers to their site in a local area. This can be accomplished through your Google My Business page or through organic online search. For example, There is an HVAC company in Paducah, Kentucky that wants to be find online for customers in Paducah, but doesn't care to be found in searches for Murray, Kentucky because it is outside of their service area.

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Google Business Profile

I handle the set-up and optimization of your Google My Business page which is an important aspect to your local SEO.

Keyword Research

Without doing keyword research you wont really know what customers are typing in the search engines to find products and services.

On-Page SEO

This involves optimizing your pages for your main keywords in order for Google to put you in front of the right potential customers.

Local Schema Markup

In order to index your site correctly, Google needs additional information about your business and website in order to know what your site is about.


It is important to keep your business information the same and consistent across all platforms in order to rank well on Google, Specifically the Google map pack.

Content Writing

Keyword rich content on your website or blog will also help with showing up higher on Google for desired keywords.

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