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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

In 2023, I feel this shouldn’t even need to be stated, but many of what I call the “good ole boys” of business swim against the current because business just “isn’t done like it used to be.” 

And I sympathize with that, and at 27 years young, I can partially understand that. But every, and I mean EVERY business should have an active blog, with emphasis on the word active. 

Many companies shy away from blogs because you don’t always see an immediate return on investment with them. 

But that’s not exactly the point. 

You may never be able to point to your blog for sales like you can a sales page or an email sequence, but that’s okay. It’s a different form of marketing. It works the same way “word of mouth” advertising works, you never wonder if Jenny is telling her neighbor about your company or if Justin is bragging about your company on Facebook, yet word of mouth happens every day. 

Blog writing, and content marketing in general, work in a similar fashion.

If you stick with a blog and put out good content, it will help your business, here’s how. 

Blogs Work Great With Social Media

Writing engaging, helpful, and enjoyable blog posts is a great way to drive people from your social media platform of choice to your website where they can learn more about the topic that interested them.

This can bring in clients that simply asking people to call or fill out a form just won’t do. 

Some people are persuaded or convinced they need your service in different ways, and content marketing like a blog can bring in some customers that sales copy might always turn away. 

It Brings In Traffic

If for no other reason, a good blog on your website will improve your SEO (Search engine optimization) and help you rank higher on google for your desired keywords and phrases. 

The blog is also good for SEO because even if you don’t rank highly for the main search terms your company wants. If your blogs do well enough, they can rank well themselves and get people to your site from your blog alone. This is free advertising for your company, all from an article or essay about topics that interested your target audience. 

Blogs Are Great For Branding 

This one may be underrated but I think it is very important as well. 

Having a blog, especially written by someone that knows your company’s voice and persona, can amplify the branding capabilities of your website. 

A blog is a space where your company can show its personality while also helping people by giving advice, tips, and strategies for things your company knows well and is passionate about. 

You’re The Expert 

Are you giving away valuable information for free? Of course. 

Are you spending valuable time and money on something you aren’t guaranteed a return on? Yes. 

But, if you can get your blog in front of enough eyes, and they see that your company knows what it’s talking about, you become the expert. You become the go-to place for whatever your industry provides. 

And if you can have personality and show who your company is as well as give this information, it will make your company THE place for that person to go to when they are ready to buy. 

Blogs Are A No Brainer

Get a blog. If you have one and your blog is not high quality and regularly updated, do it or pay someone who can. The point is, to make it a priority. 

Blogs are important for your business, enough said.

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